Meet the Staff

  • Jack Condlin

    Jack Condlin, President and CEO, Stamford Chamber of Commerce. Jack has held this position for the past 20 years with great passion and vigor. As one of the founding fathers of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce he has devoted his career to ensure the City of Stamford is a business friendly address.

  • Heather Cavanagh

    Heather Cavanagh, Director of Events & Marketing, Stamford Chamber of Commerce brings tremendous Chamber experience in events, marketing and networking throughout Fairfield County. She creates opportunity with extraordinary events to showcase your business. Let the Chamber build your brand! The future may be social media however relationships are built on networking!

  • Dan Brace

    Dan Brace, Data & Projects Specialist, is the driving force behind the Stamford Chambers data base and assists with event marketing. He plays a large role in designing Chamber emails, flyers and program books.

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